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Concrete Creations... One of Tulsa, Oklahoma's Oldest Stained Concrete Companies.

Stained Concrete in Tulsa
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What is Acid Stain?
Acid Stained Concrete Floors
Acid Stained Concrete Floor Pictures #2
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Concrete Patterns & Acid Stained Concrete Projects
World of Concrete Pictures
Vertical Stamped / Patterned & Faux Stone Pictures
Vertical Stamped / Patterned & Faux Stone Pictures #2
Animal Tracks Stamped in Concrete
Stamped / Patterns in Concrete and Polymer Modified Stamped Overlay Pictures
Stamped / Patterns in Concrete Pictures
Patterned Stamped Concrete Photos #2
Concrete Countertop Pictures
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Polished Concrete Pictures
Oklahoma City Federal Building Acid Stained Concrete Project
Oklahoma City Zoo Decorative Stamped Concrete Project
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Stained Concrete, Epoxy Floors, Polished Concrete
Stained Concrete Tulsa Polished Concrete Floors
Polymer Overlays on Driveways, Slabs, Patios, etc.

Welcome to Concrete Creations.  We are a nationally recognized Decorative Stained Concrete contractor located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We offer Dye Stained, Acid Stained Concrete, Polished Concrete, Epoxy Flooring, Stamped Concrete Patterns, Acid Stain Concrete Flooring,Concrete Restoration and Overlays, Concrete Countertops, etc. We provide commercial and residential customers across Oklahoma & the region with top quality stamped concrete and acid stained concrete flooring. We have installations in Jenks, Claremore, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Owasso, Pryor, Oklahoma City, Skiatook, Bartlesville and many more cities around the region.

Custom Scored & Stained Concrete Design
This is an example of Water Based Concrete Stain
Rainbow Water Based Concrete Stain

Concrete used to be considered the utilitarian product of the building industry: drab and boring, yet strong and supportive. But concrete isn't what it used to be. Technology has allowed concrete to take virtually any color, texture, or shape. The result has been an abundance of choices for interior flooring applications. Decorative concrete floors can take on the appearance of marble or cobblestone; Acid stained concrete countertops are durable and maintenance free; and cast-in-place walls add elegance to custom homes.
Acid stained concrete floors are the most popular interior applications for decorative concrete. Because of
stamped concrete, Epoxy Flooring, Polished Concrete, Concrete Overlays, and Dye Stain, clients can request floors that have a tiled or cut stone look or that give the appearance of limestone, slate, flagstone, marble, granite or even wood. A concrete floor can be stamped with a rubber imprinting tool that contains specific designs to create patterns in the floor, or a contractor can embed items in the floor to add texture.
In addition, concrete floors can be acid stained to produce a rustic patina or wood look.
Colored or
acid stained concrete floors will not weather or fade over time. The floors keep their appearance and will not need to be re-stained or re-colored to keep the color from fading if properly maintained. These types of floors just need to be re-sealed occasionally, on exterior applications, to lock in the color and highlight all the different color variations and hues. In 1927, architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood and his crew came up with the idea to chemically stain the concrete at the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite National Park. After more than 80 years, the colors are still very evident and show many different hues and color variations. This evidence speaks volumes about the durability of stained concrete. For the most part, Decorative Concrete floors, especially acid stained concrete floors, costs less than hardwood, marble, slate and most all of the natural stones. Installed correctly, acid stained concrete, stamped concrete and concrete countertops add beauty and elegance to any environment as well as increased property value. Decorative concrete is a great flooring to have inside your home if you or your loved ones have allergy problems. Click here to view a list of some of  Concrete Creations' current or recent stamped concrete, acid stained concrete and concrete countertop projects.

View pictures of Concrete Creations working the Mega Demo at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rainbow System Malay Tan & English Red Scored
Another example of scored and stained concrete.jpg
Water Based Polymer Concrete Stain

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Decorative Concrete has unlimited possibilities!
This is a Stained Concrete Turtle with Epoxy
Stained Concrete Overlay with Epoxy

Rainbow Stained Concrete Logo
This is acid stain and water based concrete stain
Custom Stenciled & Scored Mascot Logo

Kemiko Golden Wheat Acid Stained Concrete
Stained Concrete in Tulsa, Oklahoma
Kemiko English Red Acid Stained & "fogged" Score Lines

Arizona Flagstone Stamped and Acid Stained
Flagstone Patterned Concrete & Acid Stain.jpg
Polymer Modified Cement Overlay

Multi-colored acid stained concrete countertop
An example of Acid Stain on a Concrete Countertop
Stamped Concrete Countertop Edges with Epoxy

Stained Concrete Flooring Installations
Stamped Concrete - Concrete Patterns 
Concrete Countertop Installations

Polished Concrete and Epoxy Installations


Interested in Stamped Concrete, Colored Epoxy Flooring, Dye or Acid Stained Concrete for your home or business? Maybe some Concrete Countertops? Please fill out our brief contact form for a FREE Decorative Concrete estimate.

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